Get a glimpse of what it’s really like to volunteer with The Honeycomb Project.  Here you’ll find photos of recent projects, videos and testimonials from past participants.



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Honeycomb Parents:

What a great way to teach our kids about volunteering and preserving nature. They absolutely loved helping out and I had a great time too!” — Gompers Park Project

I was thrilled to see that you have created an opportunity which is exactly what I was looking for: engaging my kids, educating them about the realities of those around them, making them feel useful, and creating a desire to continue serving. Thank you!” — Greenhouse Shelter Project

This has been one of the most rewarding opportunities I have been a part of….I am so glad I came across The Honeycomb Project.” — Indian Road Woods Project

We had such a great time as a family, and the kids LOVED participating in something that was about helping others. I really think they learned a lot, and also got to meet some other fantastic families.” — Greater Chicago Food Depository Project

We’re talking about big world issues and I’m doing that with an 8 year-old and she’s getting it and we’ve all grown closer as a result of it. The entire family will engage in conversation, problems and what we can do about it.” — Community Pantry Project

We had such a great time and it was a wonderful bonding experience.” — Lakeview Pantry Project

Partner Organizations:

Honeycomb brings organized, friendly staff to help lead the workday with us while bringing new families to our park and programs.” — Anonymous

Everything went smoothly and every one of the volunteers was very helpful.” — Anonymous

We had not seen Honeycomb in action before and I have to say, your team did an amazing job getting everything set up and running smoothly. The children were absolutely adorable and I could tell our center’s participants really enjoyed themselves and the interaction with the kids!” – Anonymous

Honeycomb was very easy to work with, very organized and very hard-working.” — Anonymous

Volunteer Leaders:

I love to volunteer with Honeycomb because I love to work with children – their eagerness to help, their creativity – they bring joy. Honeycomb is a perfect outlet for me to positively impact lives and experience my own life to the fullest.” — Anonymous

Volunteering for The Honeycomb Project is so much fun. The things we do teach children the value of service while building a better community around us.” — Anonymous