Kristen Rigsby

Northside College Prep

Hi! My name is Kristen Rigsby, and I’m a junior at Northside College Prep. I live in Wildwood, a small neighborhood on the North side of Chicago. My favorite thing about my neighborhood is its convenient access to the Forest Preserves through which I frequently walk my dog or ride my bike. One cool project I completed with the Honeycomb Project was the restoration and expansion of a trail in these Preserves. I’ll now be able to enjoy freshly wood-chipped path right next to the Chicago River!As a lifelong Chicago resident, I have had the opportunity to learn about the unique challenges confronting Chicagoans. One such issue that I am particularly passionate about is equality in education. Within my 12 years as a CPS student and 3 years as a CPS elementary school tutor, I have interacted with countless students who have expressed concern about the diminished quality of their education as a result of their native language, neighborhood, race and/or culture. I strongly believe that every child, regardless of background, should have the educational resources they need to succeed and should not have to worry about a compromised future. I’m excited to bring my passion for this issue to the Honeycomb Leadership Council, and I’m looking forward to hearing about the other members’ interests as well.