Volunteer Spotlight

Altman Family

The Altman Family joined the Honeycomb family just over a year ago, when Maeve was nine years old. Volunteering is a priority in the family.

“We wanted to find ways to expose Maeve to the world of volunteering,” says Alexandra. “Honeycomb is a perfect fit because they make it fun and they connect it to the good we are doing for the community.”

From working in the Forest Preserve to re-purposing thousands of plastic grocery bags to make into sleeping mats for the homeless…Maeve enjoys being able to pick from the variety of projects that Honeycomb offers. She especially loves sewing quilts at Sew Crafty Studio, which the family looks forward to doing again this month.

“I love the educational component of each project…not only are Honeycomb events extremely well organized, but there is a clear message from the staff about the impact of each project,” adds Alexandra.

“Honeycomb staff are very present in those couple of hours that we volunteer,” stresses Alexandra. “We were at the National Veterans Art Museum in November, putting together care packages and writing letters to service men and women.  A service woman came out and spoke to us and it was such a powerful message for the kids to hear. The event was so well planned.”

The Altman Family appreciates learning about the impact they are making each time they give back, along with hearing about the statistics and current issues that Chicago is facing.

“My family is fortunate to be able to give (monetarily) to Honeycomb,” adds Alexandra. “We try to support a variety of local nonprofits and it’s important to us to make sure Honeycomb has the resources to continue doing what they do.”

Alexandra continues…”we love Honeycomb because in those couple of hours volunteering, Maeve can look around the room and see that we are all working together towards one common goal.”

“Maeve understands the importance of giving back to the community — in her own way,” says Alexandra. “She also understands that we are fortunate to participate in these programs and we really do hope she finds a career to help make the world a better place…just like Honeycomb is doing.”