Volunteer Spotlight

Deutsch Family

This month, meet the Deutsch family: Danielle, Harel and their children Ilana (11), Zachary (9), and Aiden (4). Danielle was drawn to Honeycomb because she was looking for ways for her family to get involved in our community. She was wowed with the variety of our projects. “Honeycomb offers so many wonderful, varied opportunities for children to grow and learn how to give back in big doses.” Danielle said.The Deutsch family loves volunteering as a family because they have a blast: it’s social and socially conscious. “It’s not just a gathering to help others,” Danielle explained. “It’s a large family, with opportunities to meet other families as well, while making a difference to families who need a little more help.”One of the Reback favorite events was crocheting emergency sleeping mats for the homeless out of repurposed plastic bags.  They were amazed that we could clean up the environment and help out people who are homeless at the same time. Since attending the project, they have been inspired to seek out more opportunities to give back to their community through their schools, as well as recycling more of their household goods.In addition to volunteering with her family, Danielle now volunteers to lead Honeycomb projects too! When they aren’t attending our events or volunteering elsewhere, the Deutsch love to travel the world to see how others live (and eat).

 Thank for being a part of our fun Honeycomb family, Deutsch!