Volunteer Spotlight

Jodie: Sew Crafty Studio

“My staff and I love hosting Honeycomb…we feel very accomplished.”

It was over seven years ago when Jodie Deschler opened her shop, Sew Crafty Studio in Bucktown. Jodie moved to Chicago from Milwaukee ten years ago and had always enjoyed sewing and wanted to teach others. Sew Crafty Studio was born out of Jodie’s passion and love for making things and she wanted to impact others. Today, the studio sits in its larger location near Clybourn and Ashland, where it has been since 2015.

“About six years, I had met Kristina (Honeycomb co-founder) at my studio,” Jodie recalls….”her daughter was taking classes and Kristina was telling me about Honeycomb’s mission.” “I also knew Francine from SEWonderful Quilts and I immediately knew I wanted to get involved in this partnership with Honeycomb.” (SEWonderful Quilts recycles designer fabric remnants into comfort quilts and gifts them to children in need). Since then, Sew Crafty Studio has hosted and continues to host Honeycomb’s volunteer event “Sew Quilts for Pediatrics Patients.” Through Jodie’s generous support of this program,  more than 1,500 volunteers have worked at Sew Crafty to design and sew hundreds of quilts to bring comfort to children at local hospitals and nonprofit organizations.

“Everyone pitches in,” says Jodie. “Kids and their families trace squares, pick out patterns, pin fabrics together and then use a sewing machine. Each family picks a task and then follows through with the process.” “It’s so great to see everyone work together…there are so many eager faces that come in and complete up to 15 quilt tops in one Honeycomb event!” Jodie continues, “I am so happy to provide the opportunity for families to get more involved in the community and to learn new skills they may not have had the chance to learn before. My staff and I love hosting Honeycomb…we feel very accomplished.”

In addition, last summer Sew Crafty Studio hosted a Craft Fair to benefit The Honeycomb Project. Over 40 Honeycomb kids created homemade crafts and sold their items at the studio. Shoppers and supporters raised more than $1,500 for Honeycomb.

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