Volunteer Spotlight


We’re so lucky that Julie, a photography grad from Columbia, shares her passion and talent with Honeycomb. Julie has joined us in the rain, snow and sunshine to document our work over the years. She loves volunteering with us because “I see the progress that the families have made working together to better the community. Each time the Honeycomb families come together, they learn and strive to help solve real issues that make the world a better place by using their bodies, minds, creativity and laughter; and altogether this is the beauty that unfolds before my camera lens.” When asked about past projects, Julie said “My favorite event was the work done at Flo Jo’s Garden in Englewood because not only did the Honeycomb families come ready to prepare the garden for winter, but they worked with the kids in the community who had spent their summer working in the garden and knew the ropes. A hoop house was built, the garden was mulched, and a lot of table scraps were composted!”