Volunteer Spotlight

Kimbrough Family

“I know what my community needs and we are doing something about it.”

For Lakisha Kimbrough and her twelve year-old daughter Nia, volunteering hits home.

What started out as a need to fulfill service hours has become something more. “In order to maintain the Honor Society status at Nia’s school,” Lakisha says, “she needed to complete volunteer hours…I did an online search and found Honeycomb.” “We were thrilled to find an organization geared towards younger kids and families.”

The family’s first project was in the North Lawndale community in September 2018, where they worked on the Homan Rail Farm to help provide food to students at nearby schools. “Kids are given the opportunity to eat fresh fruit and veggies. There are those who have a lower socioeconomic status — those who won’t get fresh foods unless we have those gardens,” says Lakisha.

Twice a month, Lakisha and her daughter continue to sign-up for Honeycomb events. Nia shares her volunteering stories with her teachers at school, especially preparing meals at Whole Foods, when WGN-TV was there to spotlight Honeycomb.

“Nia especially likes outdoor ones — cleaning up the prairie at Palmisano Park and (Heartland Alliance’s) FarmWorks in the East Garfield Park neighborhood,” continues her mom. “We are weeding and planting, helping those who have limited access to food…and FarmWorks serves two schools in the area and my friend’s son goes to one of those schools.”

And understanding the DCFS system, Lakisha is passionate about working in shelters such as Sarah’s Circle and spending time with women who have been in similar situations. “It’s about self-sacrifice and people doing their part,” she states. “I grew up on West Side of Chicago. I know what my community needs and we are doing something about it. Nia has finished her service hours but we truly enjoy Honeycomb and commit two times a month.”

The Kimbrough Family lives in Forest Park. Lakisha works at Chamberlain University’s Nursing School. Nia enjoys activities such as ballet, gymnastics, volleyball and cheering. Outside of volunteering, Lakisha and Nia spend time at the movies, bowling and at parks.

Kimbrough Family - photo 2