Volunteer Spotlight

Krumm-Coy Family

Lauren, Brian, and their two kids, Hazel (8) and Vivian (5) are big Honeycomb fans

Laura is very involved with community engagement at work, and she and Brian were looking for opportunities to introduce service to their children. “It’s very important to teach children at a young age that they can make a difference and they have a role to play in building and supporting their community,” Laura shared.

The Krumm-Coy family loves volunteering at Honeycomb because of all the fun and practical activities available. They love learning new things and experiencing them together as a family. The family also loves how well-run every Honeycomb event is, and they appreciate all the thought the staff and volunteers put into making it a great experience for the families.
One of their favorite Honeycomb projects was working at a food pantry in which they organized and distributed food to local neighbors. On the way home, the whole family engaged in a thoughtful discussion. The family definitely remembers that experience as profound and eye-opening.

When they are not volunteering with Honeycomb, the Krumm-Coy family can be seen at local parks, enjoying a barbecue with friends.  They also love to travel and visit family, as well join in with Brian as he plays music. In addition to participating with their children, Laura and Brian volunteered their time on Honeycomb’s 2015 Fall Fundraising Committee. We are so glad to have the Krumm-Coy family as part of our Honeycomb community and always look forward to their help!