Volunteer Spotlight

Lopez-Roman Family

“I wish I had discovered Honeycomb Project earlier,” expresses Elvira Lopez. Elvira was looking for new volunteer experiences to help her and her daughter, Ashley (age 7), break out of their shells and explore their neighborhoods.

With ten service projects under their belts since September 2019, this mother-daughter duo are on a mission. Their first project was for the Anti-Cruelty Society and Elvira admits that volunteering has “worked out better than expected.”

“Volunteering takes us out of our element…but at Honeycomb events, any shyness we feel fades away since everyone is so welcoming,” she says. “We always feel we are part of the communities that we visit.” The Lopez Family explores beyond their neighborhood and also volunteer close to home.

“We love making a direct difference and especially enjoy the adventure of a new project,” Elvira continues. “Two of my favorites projects are Protect a Prairie & Wetland and Work in a Nature Preserve at Thaddeus Lechowicz Woods. I love being outdoors and helping with the conservation of land.”

Ashley recently earned her tenth Honeycomb project pin at Sew Crafty Studios, for sewing quilts for pediatric patients. Her other favorites include Make Cards for Veterans and the We All Live Here partnership project. “Ashley is very artistic and creative,” says mom. “She knows that she made many veterans smile by making cards and she loved that we helped to paint a mural at Otis Elementary School.”

Elvira is grateful for the opportunities the Honeycomb Project has allowed her family. She adds, “my 22 year-old son, Adam once joined me and Ashley at a work related service project…Adam and Ashley both bonded and felt very good about their contribution.” “We hope he joins a Honeycomb project soon. My family is trying to set a good example — one project at a time.”

Elvira and Ashley live near Portage Park and enjoy spending time together and taking walks in the park. Elvira works for Agent Support Network of America (ASNOA) in Burr Ridge and Ashley dabbles in Kidprov Chicago, loves creating artwork and plays soccer.

Elly and Ashley