Volunteer Spotlight

Lumpkin Family

“Volunteer? If we have time and we can give it…absolutely.”

For the Lumpkin Family, it’s been a blessing to find Honeycomb. They have participated in several different projects and at each one, boys Phineas (age 11) and Jude (age 9) always leave feeling amazed. “It was about two years ago, that we found Honeycomb,” says mom Feyisayo. “My husband and I volunteered on our own, often–and it was hard to take the kids with us. We were really looking for service projects for the whole family.”

Since then, the Lumpkin Family has volunteered at least once a month and although they love many projects, the boys have their favorites. Phineas and Jude have participated in several events working with kids with physical disabilities through Shirley Ryan AbilityLab’s Adaptive Sports Program and the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities. “They loved playing basketball and soccer with everyone, and being guides at AccessChicago at Navy Pier,” says Feyisayo. “Phineas and Jude enjoy working with other kids, keeping scores and having snacks ready for participants.”

Another project that is dear to the family is held at the National Veterans Art Museum. Feyisayo continues, “my husband’s dad was a veteran…the boys loved making cards and writing to those who served our country.” To Feyisayo and her family, Honeycomb brings everyone together in a meaningful way.”When you do things with your kids you are able to learn from each other. It’s easy to write a check—but it’s truly generous when you can give your family time over the weekend. That’s being generous, and I love that. We have been given a lot and Honeycomb gives us an opportunity to be generous to others…If we have the time and we can give it…absolutely we will volunteer,” says Feyisayo. “Volunteering is something that the family absolutely cherishes.”

Outside of Honeycomb, Feyisayo works at Northwestern University and her husband Marcus is a librarian. Phineas (age 11) plays the trombone and Jude (age 9) plays the flute — both boys also love soccer and video games. The Rogers Park family enjoys taking road trips, bike riding adventures and spending time together.