Volunteer Spotlight

Ness Family

Our featured volunteers are Chad, Janelle, Sydney (6 1/2), and Jack (5 1/2).  The Ness family found The Honeycomb Project when Janelle was looking for community volunteer projects for her young children. “I really wanted community service to become a part of who they are and to see the world through eyes other than their own,” she said. 

What the Ness family found through our projects was an opportunity to learn about tough issues like hunger and homelessness in an accessible way.  Prior to working with Honeycomb, Chad and Janelle had never talked about hunger and homelessness with Sydney and Jack. But after they participated in a project at Ravenswood Food Pantry, it gave them what Janelle called “a tangible link” to the problem and people they were helping. “The Honeycomb Project provided a way to open up this conversation as a family.”

When they aren’t volunteering with us, the Ness family enjoy spending their time together. Sydney loves to be creative and make art, while Jack enjoys sports and creating worlds with Legos. They’ve also been inspired to take their volunteer work beyond Honeycomb events: Sydney and Jack are currently hosting a book drive at their elementary school for Bernie’s Book Drive.