Honeycomb at Home

Every day that Chicago schools are closed, we are committed to providing dynamic and engaging content for Honeycomb families. Honeycomb at Home includes activities, videos, recipes, and dinner discussion topics to help your family care for yourselves and give back to our Chicago community, while you keep each other safe and healthy by staying at home. We don’t want to clutter your inbox, so please sign-up here to receive Honeycomb at Home emails.


Day 6: Grow Greatness
Day 7: Helping Hands
Day 8: Generate Gratitude
Day 9: Coming soon! (4/2)
Day 10: Coming soon! (4/3)


Private Events


Do you want to host a volunteer event for your group?  Contact us to plan your very own Honeycomb project with your troop, school, coworkers or friends.


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