Volunteer Spotlight

Sommers Family

Say hello to the Sommers! Matt, Amy, Liam (12), and Eulalia (9), are big fans of Honeycomb, and have supported us in countless ways over the years. We’re big fans of them too!

A few years ago, when Liam and Eulalia were younger, Matt and Amy had a hard time finding opportunities to volunteer where everyone could participate. When they saw Honeycomb’s all-ages approach to public service, they jumped at the chance to get involved. “We want our children to know that they are a part of a bigger world,” Amy said. We think that’s an important lesson for everyone to learn.

Another important lesson that volunteering together has taught the Sommers family is that there are hundreds of ways for everyone to make their communities better places to live. While they love attending our events, like serving at a food pantry, Amy told us that Honeycomb projects have inspired them to do more on their own. “The events have shown us that you don’t need to wait for an event to give back. It can be as simple as helping your neighbor.” Small acts of kindness add up, and we can all be catalysts for change.

When they aren’t being volunteer superstars, the Sommers enjoy spending time reading, woodworking, biking, and playing at the park together.

sommers family