Volunteer Spotlight

Steele Family

Say hello to the Steele family, Karen, David, Grace, and Isabella! Though they don’t remember how they discovered our organization, they took to us right away. And we’ve taken to them! In addition to all the projects they participate in, Karen joined the Honeycomb staff in 2014. We wouldn’t be able to provide our Honeycomb families with great programming without her dedication and hard work behind-the-scenes.

Karen knew she wanted to share in the experience of volunteering with her kids. “As parents, we want to instill in our children what it means to be a good citizen, being part of a larger group of people, and the responsibility of sharing and doing good”  Additionally, they love the Honeycomb Project because it pushes them out of their comfort-zones while helping others. By tackling and discussing Chicago’s tough problems and trying new things, Karen said that volunteering has “built our confidence as a family – we can do anything!” Volunteering together also becomes part of their family story – and it is a tale they can all be proud of.

One of the Steele family’s favorite Honeycomb projects was repurposing plastic bags to crochet emergency sleeping mats for Chicago’s homeless. There were tasks easy enough so that every member of the family could get involved. They especially liked the project because it tackled several problems all at once. “I love every aspect of it,” Karen said: “repurposing plastic bags so they aren’t flying all around the city getting stuck in trees or adding to the landfill mountains; the intensity of labor required to create the ‘plarn’ to make the mats; the nostalgia of participating in an ‘old-fashioned’ craft that millions of women have done before and of course the end result – mats that can keep a person a little warmer and a little drier, hopefully making their evening a little better.”

Their passion for helping others also extends beyond Honeycomb. Grace and Isabella participate in service projects through school clubs and the Girl Scouts. When they aren’t volunteering, the family enjoys riding their bikes, reading, going to the beach and exploring everything the city of Chicago has to offer.

Thank you Steele family - we really value your participation in The Honeycomb Project!