Volunteer Spotlight

Cox Family

Say hello to Tricia, Peyton (14) and Campbell (11).

This superstar trio began volunteering with The Honeycomb Project a few years ago.  Tricia was teaching financial philanthropy to her family, but also wanted to include hands on experience. She looked for ways to do public service with Peyton and Campbell, but the volunteering opportunities for kids at places like hospitals were limited.  They were delighted to discover Honeycomb because it fit in with their busy schedules and gave them a chance to try a wide variety of service events.

One of their favorite projects was sewing quilts for pediatric patients because it gave them a chance to try something new.”None of us had previously tried sewing and we might never have tried it if not for working with the Honeycomb Project,” Tricia said. Another project that Peyton and Campbell liked was one of our beach cleanups. “On the weekends I usually shy away from cleaning anything, but getting out in the fresh air and cleaning the beach was a lot of fun. “Often we see the trash on the beach or pathways, but we had no idea how much actually accumulates until we were walking along with gloves and a garbage bag!”

Volunteering as a family gives Peyton and Campbell a chance to have conversations about what they can do to make Chicago a better place, Tricia said, and it opened their eyes to the challenges people face and how blessed they are in their own lives. She also enjoys how working together with other families makes our big city feel like a small community.