Volunteer Spotlight

Parikh Family

Neha and her family (Ashish, Ana, 9 and Devin, 7) started volunteering with The Honeycomb Project in 2012. Some of Neha’s personal favorite projects include co-leading an event where families cooked a hot breakfast from scratch at a shelter and working with her children to construct sleeping mats for the homeless. She believes that the hands-on approach the Honeycomb Project takes is a great way to show her children that “no matter what they may or may not have, there is always a way to give to others in some capacity, big or small.”

Neha appreciates that volunteering together is making a big impression on her kids. Despite having a busy household with two working parents, she says that “knowing that my family can make a difference in our community is what gives me a tremendous sense of satisfaction as a parent. For me, it comes down to priorities and helping others so Honeycomb is the perfect organization for me to do that while being able to have my children see that and be a part of it all.” Her ultimate goal is passing on the joy of service to her children.

In addition to attending Honeycomb projects with her family, Neha volunteers her time fundraising for the cause and leading Honeycomb projects too.

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