Volunteer Spotlight

Passman Family

Izzy (6) and her parents Allie and Hart have been involved with Honeycomb for a few years, and recently, brother, Tyler (3), joined in on the fun!
The Passman family always wanted to instill a love and appreciation of service onto their children, and the Honeycomb Project was the perfect place for this.  They  love being able to spend time together doing various service projects such as distributing food to hungry families, making blankets, cleaning up the beaches and many more.
When asked why they enjoy volunteering with Honeycomb, mom, Allie, responded, “Honeycomb allows us the opportunity to spend quality time with our kids while instilling values that are important to both of us. Also, Izzy is so proud of herself when we complete a project and it is pure joy to see!”
Their favorite Honeycomb project was when Izzy and Allie worked in a food desert. They enjoyed going to a part of the city they had never visited before, and loved being able to dig up weeds and plant new things. “It was an eye-opening learning experience about food insecurity,” Allie shared.
The Passman family’s involvement with Honeycomb has inspired them to find service projects wherever they go. They even helped clean up a beach while on vacation in Florida, and Izzy is choosing to celebrate her birthday at an upcoming Honeycomb project at a local nature preserve. We’re so happy that the Passman family is so eager to help out with Honeycomb!