Volunteer Spotlight

Townsend Family

“Honeycomb has so many opportunities…we want to try them all.”

Although Clement Townsend and his family are fairly new to Honeycomb, they are set on a mission to help shape Chicago’s communities.
One of the Townsend Family’s resolutions for 2019 was for them to volunteer in a fun and meaningful way. Clement, his wife, Erica, and their seven-year old daughter, Janae, stopped by The Honeycomb Project’s booth at a Volunteer Fair in the city and were hooked by the time they completed their first service project.

“Helping families at La Rabida Children’s Hospital was our first Honeycomb project,” says Clement, “since then we have been to one project each month.” “After La Rabida we went to the IMD Guest House and Janae loved baking cookies for the families staying there.”

“The next event at the firehouse (Engine 18) really stands out too,” he continues. “We were at the station making cards and cookie packages to show our appreciation to firefighters. They gave the kids a tour and really helpful information about what goes on at a fire station…it was so gratifying afterwards, to surprise firefighters when we dropped off the cookies.”

Sewing is at the top of Janae’s list and the Townsend Family hopes to try all of Honeycomb’s service projects. Clement says, “my daughter loves new things and we want to try them all. We always talk to families at Honeycomb events and also hear what they enjoy doing…it’s great.”

It’s important to Clement and Erica that Janae knows that volunteering can be fun and that she’s making an impact. “I feel like we are doing our part and making a difference for those in a less than perfect situation.” Clement continues, “we are lifting up spirits…and when you spread joy to others, you get lifted as well.”

Clement is the Founder of Broadcasting Career Mentor, exposing youth to career opportunities. Erica works at Nan McKay & Associates. Janae likes to read, dance, paint her nails and is excited to become a big sister this summer. The Townsends live on the South Side and love checking out new local restaurants and watching movies together.

Townsend Family - photo