Volunteer Spotlight


This month, our volunteer spotlight is shining on Vinkle Thakkar! Vinkle started volunteering with Honeycomb a few years ago because she wanted to work with families to help them make the city a better place to live. Despite the different age groups and skill levels, she saw that Honeycomb volunteer families can accomplish great things when they work together to better their communities. She was hooked. “The families come so happy to share and contribute,” she said. “It is heart warming to watch everyone strive towards a purposeful activity.” Vinkle saw this kind of participation at one of her favorite Honeycomb events: weaving sleeping mats for the homeless out of plastic bags. There were jobs for everyone. That sense of camaraderie and purpose also inspired her to become a regular leader of our volunteer projects in areas around hunger, homelessness and improving the environment.

When she’s not being a Honeycomb superstar, Vinkle is nurturing young minds as a Montessori teacher. She also enjoys traveling, reading, embroidering, and cooking. We’re so happy that she takes time out of her busy schedule to lead projects with Honeycomb.