Volunteer Spotlight


Emily Kesler joined Honeycomb as an intern in March of 2013. She’s helped us grow in so many ways over the past year and played a key part in our behind-the-scenes team as Program Coordinator. Recently, Emily helped developed some of our favorite new projects including writing letters to soldiers and helping foster dogs.

Emily joined our organization, she said, because of its “dual mission: (1) to teach children about the issues of their communities and show them that they can cause change, and (2) to help the community and assist other community organizations further their missions.” She also likes knowing that she is instilling the values supporting our communities and the next generation at the same time.

Emily’s commitment to public service is by no means limited to her time spent with The Honeycomb Project; she has a long history of actively working to make a difference in her community. Growing up, her mother was heavily involved in their church, which influenced her to get involved too. “Beginning at the age of 10, I began to volunteer at a monthly food distribution program my church provides to Akron residents living below the poverty line.” The first-hand experience and the gratitude she saw while working for the food pantry pushed her in the direction of law school at Loyola University, where she is pursuing a career in the public interest. Additionally, this summer she is serving as an intern for the Illinois Public Interest Research Group.