Volunteer Spotlight

Festen/Logue Family

Marcia, Pat, and their daughters Ruby and Ella, joined us way back when in 2010. They have volunteered with us to clean beaches, feed the hungry, build nature trails, sew quits for patients, help homeless families and so much more. In addition to all of the Honeycomb events her family has attended, Marcia joined our Board of Directors two years ago.

One of the things Marcia and Pat love about the Honeycomb Project is how the projects are hands on and informative. “I work in the nonprofit sector so I understand and have seen first hand the power that groups of people can have when they work hand in hand to make change,” Marcia said. She believes this is an important lesson to share with her daughters. During one of her family’s favorite projects, Marcia recalled how everyone in her family worked together to prepare a meal at a shelter, including cracking six dozen eggs, that they then shared with the people they served.

The lessons Ruby and Ella have learned from volunteering with Honeycomb have extended into other parts of their lives. Because of Honeycomb events where they made blankets with homeless children at a family shelter, crocheted mats for the homeless to use, and made meals and ate with people living in shelters, Marcia feels as though her children are not frightened by homelessness. She also believes they have a better understanding of homelessness and how they can fight back. “For example” she said, “when my daughters’ friend and her family became homeless, my kids understood what was happening with that family and came up with ideas on how to support their friend.” On top of all this, Ella started a Service Club at her school.