Volunteer Spotlight

Jim and Jalen

Jim Cosenza was looking for simple, age appropriate volunteer projects he and his six-year-old niece Jalen could participate in together, and was thrilled when he read about our organization in TimeOut Chicago. Since signing up, Jim and his niece have participated in several Honeycomb events, including working at Lakeview Pantry, playing Bingo with seniors and gardening at an urban farm in South Chicago.

In addition to Honeycomb working well with his busy schedule, Jim believes family volunteering is a good way for him to both spend time with his niece and instill good values. “My niece was thrilled to meet other children, and these events definitely opened up discussions about our community…it was such a joy to watch her face light up while we were at a beach cleanup or packing school supplies,” Jim said. He added that Honeycomb Families were a nice group of people to work with in general, and that he hoped the community values Honeycomb Project events passed on would last a lifetime.