Volunteer Spotlight

Kobets Family

Deree and her family (Kevin, Mayle, 10 and Skye, 7) have been volunteering with The Honeycomb Project since 2011. Their family’s favorite Honeycomb event was preparing a family recipe to feed guests at Lincoln Park Community Shelter, where they were able to enjoy a meal and exchange stories with shelter guests.

Deree strongly believes in the value of family volunteering, and said that after attending Honeycomb events, “our entire family feels rewarded.” She believes that we should “teach our children to think of others at an early age. I feel that by exposing them to helping and caring for others, it will be something that they carry with them and continue to do throughout their lifetimes.”

Outside of volunteering at Honeycomb Project events, the Kobets family keeps food, blankets, and clothing in their car to help homeless people they meet on the street or under underpasses. This way, Deree explained, they are able to immediately help those in need when they see them.