Volunteer Spotlight

Swibel Family

Ruth, Eric and the fashionable Margot (6), and Clara (4), have been volunteering with the Honeycomb Project for several years. Outside of making a difference in their own community, they love to take walks through Chicago’s beautiful parks, ride their bikes, and explore new areas of the city together.

Ruth told us she loves Honeycomb and volunteering as a family because it gets them more involved in their own community and gets them working together as a team to make a positive impact. Thanks to the Honeycomb project, Ruth says her family has explored new parts of Chicago and has been able to show her children the importance of helping others. “We also talk about issues as a family that we didn’t use to–issues that might have seemed too overwhelming or scary for kids, such as homelessness and hunger,” she said.

One project Ruth remembered fondly was the project at the Madonna House Shelter. “My kids enjoyed meeting the residents and it was amazing to see how everyone worked together to decorate the shelter and make fleece blankets. All the kids swapped stories about schools, cartoons, and hobbies as they worked, and it was an incredibly positive, collaborative effort. Each child colored a flower, and we hung them up on the wall of the shelter. It was the perfect manifestation of individuals coming together to make something great together.”

Behind-the-scenes, Ruth and Eric dedicate many, many hours to helping us build the hive and Ruth serves on the Honeycomb Board of Directors.

Margot and Clara