Volunteer Spotlight

Bugel Family

Say hey to the Bugel family: Faith, Dave, Lily, Gracie, and Anna. A year and a half ago, the Bugels were searching for a way that their entire family could get involved with community service. “We have tried to find ways to volunteer as a family by doing things like baking cookies for shelters and participating in toy drives through our church,” Faith said. But, with their youngest child being only 4 years old at the time, they were running into trouble finding opportunities. “We were so excited to find out that Honeycomb offered projects where we could all volunteer together.” In 2012, they participated in their first project, the South Shore beach cleanup, and they’ve been buzzing around Chicago with us ever since.

The Bugels strongly believe in the benefits of volunteering as a family and sharing their values and desire to help others with their children. The Honeycomb Project offered them the opportunity to give back in a variety of ways, from sewing quilts for pediatric patients to working in the food pantry at the Kelly House YMCA. “We could really see the difference we were making by meeting the families coming through the line for food, and by being right in the heart of the community,”Faith said.

By volunteering together at Honeycomb projects, the Bugels have seen their children’s compassion and their appreciation for the people around them grow. “Our oldest decided to ask her friends to make a donation to charity instead of bringing presents to her birthday party last year,”Faith mentioned as an example. “One of our twins also used her own money to help buy books and pajamas for the Honeycomb project in December.”

The Bugel Family