Volunteer Spotlight

Watson-Burhans Family


That’s how Rosalyn Watson Burhans describes her encounter with Honeycomb…a happening by a lucky chance.

“This past summer I happened to see Honeycomb on television. It was perfect timing…my daughter (Victoria, age 16) was searching for new volunteer opportunities,” says Rosalyn.

“Volunteering is a part of our lives and faith,” she continues. “Victoria was very active in community service when she spent ten years at Francis W Parker School. She switched schools and is now at Kenwood Academy, but her commitment to helping didn’t change.”

Rosalyn and Victoria love to see the direct impact of the people they are helping and have participated in over 11 events since the summer. Some of their favorite Honeycomb events include sorting clothes at Cradles to Crayons, volunteering at a community market in Humboldt Park and baking cookies at IMD House.

Victoria adds, “I like all of the projects, but my favorite is sewing quilts at Sew Crafty Studio because it’s artistic and because it’s something where I can imagine how restricting it must feel to stay at a hospital.” She says, “it makes me feel closer to the cause and I’m able to help someone who I can relate to, while at the same time having so much fun.”

Rosalyn continues, “we never think twice about it…volunteering is part of what we do.” Victoria adds, “Honeycomb makes it easy to volunteer so Chicago has more helping hands than it would otherwise.”

Outside of attending Honeycomb Project events, the Watson Burhans Family keep busy. Rosalyn is an attorney and Victoria is a junior at Kenwood Academy High School. Victoria loves listening to music and playing games on her phone. They enjoy exploring neighborhood festivals together and trying new recipes in the kitchen. The family, who reside in Hyde Park, also has a king cobra snake and pet chihuahua.