Volunteer Spotlight

Weinstein Bacon Family

A few months ago, 13-year old Isaac and his parents were in search of ways to make an impact in Chicago’s communities. Honeycomb was popping up all over their friend’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, and quickly caught the attention of Rebecca and her husband Wade. Although June will be the first time Rebecca and Wade’s family will be volunteering at a Honeycomb service project (with sons Isaac, 13, Aaron, 11 and daughter Noa, 9), the family has partnered with Honeycomb in such a creative and meaningful way. “We were preparing for my son, Isaac’s Bar Mitzvah…and Isaac and my family were trying to think of an alternative way to host the party that was infused with meaning,” says Rebecca. “A Bar Mitzvah is a great rite of passage and way to bring family and friends together…we had heard about Honeycomb so I reached out to them. They helped create a meaningful celebration with our family.”

Isaac’s Bar Mitzvah highlighted service projects aligned with The Honeycomb Project’s mission of fighting homelessness, as Chicago statistics were alarming to the family. Last year, 125,000 Chicagoans were homeless. An estimated 18,000 homeless youth were enrolled in Chicago Public School in 2016. Knowing the party was going to be centered around helping youth who were homeless in the city, the Weinstein Bacon Family rallied their family and friends for Isaac’s Bar Mitzvah on April 8th.

With celebration in the air, family and friends made their impact and spread throughout the party.  Isaac mobilized his network of friends and family to donate toiletry kits, make blankets, collect books and pack school supplies to help hundreds of youth living at seven Chicago-area homeless shelters. “With privilege…there is responsibility,” stresses Rebecca.  She continues that their family is fortunate and they want their family to do good and contribute to their communities, while having fun along the way. “Honeycomb engaged our families and teenagers in a meaningful and fun way — we’ve received great feedback from the adults who attended…the idea of incorporating giving into the Bar Mitzvah was embraced. Rebecca adds that “My family has caught the Honeycomb bug…supporting and working towards the issue of homelessness at the Bar Mitzvah was a great place to start–we can’t wait to do more.”

Outside of supporting Honeycomb, the Weinstein Bacon Family keeps busy. Rebecca is a trial lawyer and Wade is an architect. The family lives in Ravenswood and loves anything Cubs! They enjoy spending time playing baseball together and with their dog, Ness….along with hosting family dinner parties with friends. It’s a busy household…Isaac loves classic rock and Greek mythology, Aaron enjoys Legos and Harry Potter and Noa loves fantasy baseball and all things from the 80′s!


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